Support Affordable Housing in Fernwood

UPDATE: This form is now closed. The District 61 School Board voted to approve the land swap and the project has moved into the next phase. We will keep you updated as we get new information.

An exciting Capital Region Housing Corporation (CRHC) affordable housing development has just been proposed for the land next to Victoria High School.[1][2]

This project is part of a proposal from the City Council of Victoria to do a land swap with the District School Board in order to create a vibrant housing community in the downtown area. The plan envisions new housing, green spaces, pathways and community space that could greatly benefit a historic part of Victoria's core. As Victoria grows and welcomes more people over the next decades it is so important that the city takes on building affordable housing.

The idea has the support of the City Council, but the District 61 School Board needs to hear from the community that they are standing in support of this project.

This project has the opportunity to benefit the community, the families of students at Victoria High School and the surrounding catchment schools by providing a truly affordable option for lower-income housing. Some highlights of the project are:

- Providing 154 units of affordable housing.
- Creating a mixed-income housing community.
- Including a 1450 sq ft public space operated by the Fernwood NRG that could be used as a childcare centre.

To make this project a reality we need as many people as possible to contact the SD61 School Board Trustees right now to make sure that they know people support this project.

When you complete this form below your email will be sent directly to the School Board Trustees who will be making this important decision. We will send you a copy of the email as well so you can follow up directly with your elected representatives about this proposal.


1. CRHC Proposes land agreement with City of Victoria and School District 61

2. Land Agreement with School District First Step in Proposed Affordable Housing Project

3. Full CRHC Project Proposal including renderings and streetscapes: