B.C.’s housing affordability crisis is denying working class people the ability to own or rent a home that fits their needs. Rents are skyrocketing, and wages are not keeping up. To make life more affordable, we need to strike at the root of the housing crisis. An Affordable B.C. is possible.

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  • Assessing the Limitations of the Market Approach to B.C.'s Housing Crisis


    Cover of the report is a greenwashed image of an old multi-story building overlooking an underground subway construction site

    British Columbia has a cost-of-living crisis, manifesting primarily in out-of-control housing costs. Understanding what is creating the crisis of housing affordability is integral to developing an exit strategy that addresses its root causes. To date, the housing crisis has only deepened despite repeated legislative interventions at all levels of government.

    In this report, we provide an overview of British Columbia’s recent legislative efforts to increase housing supply, provide BCGEU’s analysis of these measures and their underlying assumptions, as well as offer an outline of a better way forward that puts the interests of B.C. residents ahead of those profiting the most off of the ongoing crisis.

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  • Analysis on Provincial Legislation Restricting No-Fault Evictions (Bill 14)


    On April 2, 2024 the provincial government introduced Bill 14 – 2024: Tenancy Statutes Amendment Act, 2024.[1] Bill 14 introduces a number of changes to British Columbia’s Manufactured Home Park Tenancy Act and the Residential Tenancy Act. The proposed changes in Bill 14 were not all addressed in the press release and backgrounder accompanying the introduction of the legislation[2], and all proposed changes are summarized below.

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