An Affordable BC is Possible

British Columbia has been gripped by a housing affordability crisis that has deprived an entire generation of the ability to rent or own housing that fits their needs. Workers are struggling to find housing for their families, leading many to move further away from work and others to leave the province altogether. B.C. is losing productivity and experienced workers.

Solving this crisis requires bold action to tackle the deregulation in the housing market that has allowed speculators and banks to reap immense profits on the backs of British Columbians. With the help of experts in the field, we have come up with a plan to tackle the affordability crisis. We are proposing that the Provincial government

  1. Implement a land value tax to curb speculation and raise funds for affordable public housing and key infrastructure

  2. Amend legislation to protect renters and better regulate real estate transactions

  3. Build new affordable public housing and key infrastructure.