Building an Affordable BC: What Can the Province Do?


Speculative investment in B.C. has made the province one of the most expensive places in the world to live. While various factors contribute to rising housing prices in Vancouver, the most troubling and underlying cause of our situation is that housing and property is being treated primarily as a financial asset rather than as a place to live. Our housing system and real estate market has become overpowered by a speculative purchasing environment and our current methods for regulation, planning and taxation have failed to manage the effects. The crisis is the result of three main factors: 

  1. The influence of external investment capital in the province 
  2. Increased mortgage lending and profit-driven financial institutions which are fueling the speculative frenzy 
  3. Poor real estate regulations and land-use policies that create opportunities for private profit at the expense of the public interest 

Our campaign’s plan for addressing B.C.’s housing and affordability crisis requires the following: 

  • Reform property taxes to target speculators and raise funds for affordable housing and infrastructure. This reform would require the following: 
  • Amending legislation to protect renters and better regulate real estate transactions
  • Investing in new affordable public housing and infrastructure  

Click here to download a PDF of the full report.